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Frequently Asked Questions

I want to ride with you.How fit do I have to be?

Not particularly. If you can ride 20 miles or so you are fit enough to come out on a short Sunday tour. If you can ride about 30 miles or so then you are fit enough to try the full monty.

Is everyone else fast? What if I can’t keep up?

Our club rides are not fast. We want to encourage people to ride a bike, not leave them behind and put them off cycling for life. Try riding as far as you can on a flat road at 15/17 mph. That is what we do on tourand it is always easier when you are in a group. If you really don’t think you can keep up try coming the first 10 miles with us until you build up some more endurance and speed.

Do I have to race?

Not at all. You do as much or as little as you like. You may find that racing is infectious, especially time trials which are done entirely at your own speed. In a time trial you cannot come last as you are racing against your previous personal best times always trying to better them.

Can I really ride the Tour de France?

If you are good enough. However, will your little brother who kicks a football around in the park ever play for Liverpool? Hmmm - kind of puts it into perspective doesn’t it!

How far do you go on a Sunday?

Generally we go out for about 40 miles. You can do more or less if you like. You can always cut your tour short if you think it might be a bit much to start with.

Hey I am fitter than that. Will I leave you slowcoaches behind?

Maybe, but we like to save our fast stuff for local races. What’s the point of wasting it on a club run where there are no trophies? A lot of our people also meet up midweek for training rides. If you are fast then try one of these!

What is the difference between time trials and road racing?

Road racing is you against 20/30/40 or more other people riding in a big bunch (just like the Tour). The groups are made up of riders the same level as you so you won’t be riding against the experts! Time trials involve a field of riders who go off individually at 1 minute intervals over a set distance. The one who covers it in the quickest time is the winner. There are all sort of abilities in time trials but the person you are racing against is yourself. For this reason we encourage beginners to try time trials first if they want to see how fast they can go. They are often pleasantly surprised!

I only have a mountain bike and I want to go out on the road rides. Is this ok?

Yes, but for your own sake stick some slicks on and a set of pedals that you ‘click’ in to. You will be able to keep up.However most people will convert to a road bike for longer distancesfor the extra comfort, speed and lighter weight.

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