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Jigsaw Cycles raises over €50000 from 2014 to 2017 13/Nov/2017

The curtain has finally fallen on the Mizen To Malin Challenge for Jigsaw Donegal, with 50,000 euro being raised for the charity over the last four years.

Robert Kavanagh, a Four Masters CC cyclist from Letterkenny, who was one of the founders of the fundraising initiative, has thanked all those who have shown their support since 2014.

"In 2014 we started out with the logo 'We take care of our own', and I can honestly say with confidence that the people of Donegal have well and truly taken care of their own," Robert commented.

"Over the past four years with the help and generosity from many many people we managed to raise 50,200 euros for Jigsaw Donegal. This money was primarily raised by the people of Donegal for the young people of Donegal. I would like to acknowledge that some of the money was raised outside the county and we are very grateful to those contributors also. To each and every one of you who helped out in any way - there are too many to mention - we as a group are forever in your debt. Make no mistake, this project would not have been possible without your help," he said.

Great organisation

"To all those who contributed to this great organisation, we salute you. We are truly grateful for your donations as we appreciate that there are many demands on people's money today. We would like to say a special thanks to our sponsors who over the years have contributed so much.

"To Seamus Morrison who joined us for the non-stop leg of this journey in 2017 which incidentally we completed in 22 hours 50 minutes all 369 miles of it, we would like to thank you for your help," he added.

"In 2013 when I sat down with Wesley Moore, Four Masters CC, and Cathal Wilson North Pole CC, and a few others to plan out this trip, little did I know where it would lead us and how much we as a group would achieve. To Cathal and Wesley I would like to say a sincere thanks for all your help and contributions. I am forever in their debt. Where we go from here, who knows."

Jigsaw Donegal provides a free and confidential support service for young people aged 15 – 25, with a drop-in centre on Pearse Road in Letterkenny. Jigsaw Donegal aims to make sure that young people’s voices are heard, and that they get the right support, where and when they need it. Jigsaw Donegal is a partnership between HSE and The Alcohol Forum.

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