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Prepare Your Bike For Winter 1

Prepare Your Bike For Winter 1

16) Safety checks:

It’s always a good idea to give your bike regular checks for wear and tear, but it’s particularly important at this time of year. Check over your tyres for small flints and pieces of glass that might not have caused a puncture yet but if left will ultimately work through and into the inner tube. Your sidewalls should also be checked regularly because riding an under-inflated tyre will cause the bead to wear excessively and could cause a blowout at an inopportune moment.

Check your brake blocks regularly too, as they can become encrusted with shards of alloy from the braking surface, not to mention grit and gravel, which wears both the blocks and the rim itself. Brake cables need to be checked for fraying. Give your transmission a regular once-over as well, and remember that running your drive system with too much lube will compromise efficiency as much as running it too dry.

17) Get a dedicated training bike:

Your bike will take a lot of stick during the winter so why not save your racing bike for the summer? Lightweight components and racing wheels don't like water, salt, grit and all the potholes that seem to appear as the nights draw in. Treat yourself to a winter bike, and spend as much as you can.

The mudguards will keep you and your training partners drier, the heavier tyres will be more puncture-resistant, the relaxed frame-angles will keep you comfortable and of course all the extra weight will make you stronger!

18) Winterproof your bike:

Of course, not everyone can afford a spare bike. These tips will help you protect your existing ride from the weather and keep corrosion at bay...

A. To stop the inside of your frame corroding, use Frame Saver, 30wt oil or thick chain lube with some WD40 added. Remove cranks, bottom bracket (BB) and wheels, then spray Frame Saver into tubes. Plug the BB and seat tube with paper and gently move bike to distribute evenly.

Prepare Your Bike For Winter 1

B. To help prevent punctures, install Slime-filled tubes, protective strips or Kevlar belted tyres. Remove your wheels, tyres and old tubes, inspect rim strips for wear and ensure they cover the spoke holes. Check your tyres regularly for thorns or glass.

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