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Frequently Asked Questions

Cars scare me. Do you go anywhere quiet?

Yes cars scare us as well. We try to get stay away from traffic as much as possible and hit the quieter country roads or stick to roads with a good hard shoulder. We insist on good cycling disipline on main roads. By riding with us you will learn to ride safely.

Do I have to have all the gear?

Well, a bike is quite helpful really. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just reliable. It is always a good idea to ask around other club members for advice on what to spend your money on. They often have a lot of good quality used stuff for sale as well and are always happy to see someone get a lot of fun from something. We have our own team strip which you can buy if you plan to race. It is way cheaper than Premier League football kits. Your first day in lycra shorts is always going to be a challange but itis the most comfortable item you can wear for a few hours in the saddle. And you can just wear a tracksuit bottom over them to start with if you prefer.

OK, you’ve convinced me. What do I do next?

Just contact us and we will get you out with people you will enjoy riding with. Or come along next Sunday morning and introduce yourself!

Why are you doing all this stuff for me?

We all had to start somewhere. We remember how daunting it seemed all those years ago. Cycling is great fun. We want to help you realise that. Oh and also we want more people to go down the pub with, more people to crack poor jokes with, more people to race with, more people to share lifts to events with etc etc. It works both ways!

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